Monday, December 10, 2007

Proof that he's our kid, chapter 1

It looks like our obsession with eradicating visual clutter has trickled down the Jasper. He wants everything in his life to be "plain." This means I have to turn all his shirts inside-out before he'll wear them. No more cute, monochromatic chimp face, no more adorable Italian scooter, no more sweet velveteen reindeer -- it's all solid colors.

When I replaced his slippers I bought plain black ones (black hole slippers!). And I got a lot of guff about the new Sigg bottle I bought Jasper because it has a dinosaur on it. Sigh. What is he going to do with the new Hannah Andersson pajamas I just bought him for Christmas, the ones with the lovely winter birds?


J.M. Tewkesbury said...

Perhaps he's looking for his canvas? Maybe the next shirt he wears will have his own creation on it and he's trying to declutter his mind from other people's creativity and imagery so his own can come through and manifest itself as art on his shirt?

I don't know. I'm just making this stuff up. But I did think it was cute, when we were all hanging out a couple of weekends ago, that he was wearing his t-shirt inside out!

Anonymous said...

so weird! my name is Jasper. im 19, and i just stumbled across a blog about a jasper as well. hmm, he's a little bit smaller than me. well, he seems to be smart and self confident! more power to him, and tell him jaspers all over the world want him to do great and amazing things!

p.s.hope this isnt creepy.