Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Space games

You've heard about how getting organized activities going at a kid's party is like herding cats? That's why I organized only two.

The first was "Pin the planet in the solar system." The idea was that we would blindfold each child and let them guess where the planet goes. Then we could talk about where the planet really goes, but not move it because the fun is putting it in a silly place. I soon discarded the blindfolding and the one-at-a-time and just let them have at it, handing out planets and asteroids. As a result we have a funky picture to hang on Jasper's wall.

The second activity was making aliens out of dough (Crayola's model magic, which doesn't crumble), pipe cleaners, googly eyes, markers, and glitter glue. A lot of the aliens came out looking like the one below only filled with glitter and color. Jasper made a minimalist alien which you can see in his hand on my other blog.

At the end we popped confetti crackers which are, actually, kind of dangerous. Note the look of sheer terror on my face.