Wednesday, January 2, 2008

We are all made of stars

I may have mentioned that we make a trip to the museum of natural history/planetarium nearly ever week. Jasper and I love it there (so does Lane, when he can make it). Jasper was browsing through his Internet bookmarks a few weeks ago and discovered Sonic Vision -- the music and laser show at the planetarium. (Do they even call them laser shows anymore?) He became obsessed and would watch the preview over and over again. Then he started asking to see the show over and over again. So we finally took him.

Boy these things have come a long way since the Led Zeppelin/Pink Floyd spiralgraph doodles of my youth. Jasper loved it -- loud music! Dancing robots! Floating eyeballs! The first thing he said when it was over was "we have to see this again!"

I think we will go again -- probably several times. What a jaded young man we're raising here in New York City. He'll be sick of it by the time he's five and start writing letters to the museum to come up with a new show. But for now he'll have to make do with watching the previews online.

Speaking of online, Jasper loves playing kid's Internet games and watching You Tube cartoons (SUPERVISED, OF COURSE). This has prompted me to hatch an evil plan. I keep thinking about all the work and writing I could get done if only we had another laptop. So I bought Jasper his own laptop from the One Laptop Per Child program. There are so many reasons to love this program and the innovative laptop itself, but I still can't believe I've purchased a computer for an almost-four-year-old. Is this going to turn him into a 'net potato? Nevertheless, it should arrive sometime later this month and I CAN'T WAIT to have my laptop back to myself. That is, until Lane comes home.

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