Thursday, February 21, 2008

Jasper's 15 seconds

Jasper has made his film debut in this video. Marisa, watch out -- there's another movie star in the family!

P.S. Step 8 is impossible for those of us who do not have live-in nannies. Also, we only use a stroller for long walks.


Hevansrich said...

Go Jasper! And he must not be used to the stroller, is that why he looked so unhappy?

Step 13 is also impossible for those of us who do not have live-in nannies.

Anonymous said...

That is awesome. I'll keep my eyes peeled for his IMdB entry, with his first credit as "Unwitting Petri Dish."

Adriana Velez said...

He doesn't mind the stroller, even through we downscaled this year to a much smaller one. (I couldn't stand dragging around that bigger thing anymore.) He usually comes home from school kind of cranky, though. Tired.

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

That adorable little boy was cast as a villain?! Poor Jasper. Although, he did a very nice job of looking contagious, which makes him convincing. I wonder what James Lipton would ask Jasper?

JL: Jasper?

JT: Yes, James.

JL: Jasper? The Unwitting Petri Dish...


JL: A brilliant piece of acting.

JT: Thank you.

JL: Tell me, how did you prepare for this role? What technique did you use to channel the psyche of a youngster who unintentionally contributes to an outbreak of influenza in a Park Slope winter?

Yep. I see fame on the horizon! Bravo, Jasper! Next time I see him, I'm asking for his autograph! :-)

Adriana Velez said...

Tewkesbury, you're killing me with the James Lipton!

shaunamama said...

Can I get Jasper's autograph? How darling was that grumpy face of his???