Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Jasper Christmas/Birthday Gift Guide

Wondering what to give the boy for Christmas or his birthday? Here's a few ideas!
Stepping Into Science Kit

Matchbox Shuttle Mission

Lego Deep Sea Quest

The Three Robbers by Tomi Ungerer, or any other titles by Ungerer.

Backhoe by Bruder from Diana Toy Store

Zoom to the Moon playset from Modern Tots. This one has already been ordered for Jasper, but I'm leaving it up in case anyone else in the blogsphere is looking for ideas for their own lists.

He keeps asking for this Ariel doll, which is currently on display at our local drug store. I think he has a crush.

Mars Mission MT-61 Crystal Reaper (this has been ordered)

Mobilehome dollhouse you can decorate yourself, from The Pajama Squid

Superstructs Castle Set (this has been ordered)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

Last year he was a Blood Monster. The year before, a red M&M. This year Jasper's brilliant idea for a costume was an Alien Eyeball.

Where The Wild Things Are

Jasper did a fantastic job playing Max in his class play of Where The Wild Things Are. His classmates were most ferocious as well.