Sunday, December 14, 2008

THIS is the science kit

I've been looking at a lot of kids' science kits this holiday season. First I listed My First Scientist in my little gift guide, but the reviews weren't glowing. So I replaced it with Stepping Into Science, but when I looked at it in a store I wasn't that impressed.

Here's what I'm looking for: serious content, not just "mix these things together and make colored crystals." Something that will actually teach my son the process of investigation. Substantive and varied experiments.

But then, at a local toy store, I found science kits by The Young Scientists Club. This is it! The problem is, there is no one, ideal, all-encompassing science kit. There's just too out there to be contained in one little kit. The Young Scientist Club has a series of kits. Each kit covers three different themes (like volcanoes or recycling). You can sign up for a monthly kit, which I would do except that my local toy store sells most of them--I'd like to support them and avoid shipping costs. But the YSC website has great additional resources.

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