Friday, January 2, 2009

He Blinded Me With Science

One of Jasper's Christmas presents was a science kit from the Young Science Club, and we were not disappointed. Already we have conducted a fascinating experiment with bacteria. Sure, I never got around to taking Jasper to the Nutcracker this year. But he still got some culture! (har har) Jasper is having a blast with this kit so far.

We couldn't let the holiday break go by without visiting our place of worship, the American Museum of Natural History. The highlight for Jasper is watching the Sea Monsters movie. But he is also fond of the dinosaur chicken nuggets (not too bad with mustard, actually).

I indulged Jasper and bought him a jello parfait with gummy shark and octopus. He had about three bites. And now that I've done that I never have to buy him one ever again.

Tomorrow we're hoping to make it to the New York Hall of Science. Our evil plans to steer Jasper away from a life in the arts are going well so far...(mad scientist cackle--bwa ha ha ha haaaaa!)

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Anonymous said...

I'm totally with you on buying them the foods you don't really want them to eat. Most of the time it gets the craving out of their systems and you can get back to the real stuff. Like the time Newton wanted to go to Wendy's for his birthday dinner because he wanted to order the Baconator he'd seen on commercials during SportsCenter or Best Damn Sports Show or something like that.